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Leak detection services are essential for keeping Homes, Business, and other Properties safe from Water Damage. Leak can be tricky to detect and can cause costly damage if left unchecked. a Professional Leak Detection Company is the most reliable way to ensure that any leaks are found and resolved quickly.

There is no need to worry if you want to this Leak Detection Services in UK, London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, or any other City. Several City, including the East Sussex, Surrey, have already seen a tremendous response.

Leak Detection Service is an keeping Homes, Business, and other Properties safe that has an incredible range of 99+ services, like underground pipe Leak,
moling Service, services, and Leak all. Available 24-hour. It has fantastic functionality and a best leak detection specialist.

Leaks can occur anywhere in the Home or Property, from Plumbing Systems to water heaters. They can be difficult to detect without specialized equipment and training. Leak detection service use state-of-the-art technology to locate and resolve any leaks. This includes using thermal imaging cameras to see behind walls and underground, as well as specialized equipment such as water meters, acoustic probes, and specialized detection equipment.

One of the main benefits of a leak detection service is the speed and accuracy with which they can locate and repair leak. Since they use advanced technology, they are able to detect and repair leaks much quicker than traditional methods. This saves time and money, as well as preventing further damage to the property.

Leak detection services also offer other services such as preventive maintenance. This helps prevent future leaks from occurring by inspecting and maintaining plumbing systems and water heaters. They can also suggest improvements to the system, such as installing better insulation or replacing old pipes.

Leak detection services also help to reduce energy costs. By locating and repairing leak quickly, they help to reduce energy waste and save money on energy bills. In addition, they can identify and fix any underlying issues such as corrosion or blockages that may be causing the leaks.

Finally, a leak detection service can provide peace of mind. By providing regular inspections and maintenance, they can help to ensure that any problems are found and fixed quickly, preventing further damage and costly repairs.

When selecting a Water Leak Detection Service, it is important to choose one with experience and expertise. A good service will have a team of qualified professionals who can use their knowledge and experience to locate and repair any leaks quickly and efficiently.

Leak detection Specialists are a great way to protect your home or business from water damage. They use advanced technology to quickly locate and repair any leaks, as well as providing preventive maintenance and reducing energy costs. With their expertise and experience, they can provide peace of mind and ensure that any leaks are found and repaired quickly.

What is Leak Detection Services ?

Leak detection is a process of actively searching for and identifying leaks of water, gas, and other liquid or gas substances. The process involves using specialized equipment to detect the presence of a leak and pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Leak detection can be used for homes, businesses, and large industrial facilities.

The most common method of leak detection is using acoustic equipment. Acoustic leak detection utilizes sound waves to detect the presence of a leak. The sound waves bounce off the walls of a pipe, and the equipment detects the sound waves that are created by a leak and the corresponding pressure changes. This method of leak detection is usually used to detect small leaks that are difficult to locate with traditional methods.

Another method of leak detection is infrared technology. This technique uses an infrared camera to detect changes in temperature caused by a leak. The camera is able to detect the temperature difference between a leaking pipe and the surrounding environment, allowing a technician to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

In addition to these methods, there are other technologies that can be used to detect leaks. For example, a video inspection camera can be used to inspect pipes from the inside. The camera can detect cracks and other damage, as well as identify the presence of a leak. Additionally, gas leak detectors can be used to detect the presence of gas in a given area.

Regardless of the method used, leak detection should be done regularly to ensure that no leaks are present. Regular inspections can help identify potential problems before they become larger and more expensive to repair. Additionally, proper maintenance of plumbing and gas systems is essential to ensure that leaks are not allowed to form in the first place.

Overall, leak detection is an important process for ensuring the safety of homes and businesses. Utilizing the latest technology and equipment, technicians can detect and identify leaks quickly and efficiently. Doing so can help reduce the risk of water damage, leakage of hazardous substances, and other issues that can be caused by unchecked leaks.

When it comes to burst pipe repairs UK, make sure you give us a call on 0 333 444 4564 today. As our expert engineers are always on hand to carry out a full leak detection UK on your property if you are worried about burst water mains.

Areas we cover

We are trusted company providing all type of leak detection services for both residential and commercial clients. We have technicians in and around:

East Sussex


Benefits of Leak Detection Service

Learn how a leak detection survey can benefit you and your property.

Non Destructive

No need to dig up floors or move kitchen units. Leak detectors are specifically designed to find leaks anywhere in your premises without causing damage.


Our specialized leak detectors pinpoint leaks to within a square meter, minimizing excavation when repairing water mains.

Save Time

Have you had a leak for days, months, years? In the case of a pipe leak, we will determine the cause of the leak on the day of the inspection.

Save Money

Delaying leak detection can lead to further property damage and higher repair costs. You can also save on water bills.

99% Success Rate

Leak Detection Group combines professional leak detection equipment with experienced engineers to maintain a 99% success rate in finding leaks at your site.

No further damage

Everyday water damages your property whether you see water damage or not. Finding out the cause of the leak can ultimately stop this damage.

Avoid Large Excavations

Extensive excavations are expensive, time consuming and often fail to find the source of the leak. Our leak detection surveys can locate leaks within a square meter, eliminating the unnecessary stress and expense of extensive excavation.

Prevents Shutdown

Minimize disruptions and prevent downtime Water leaks in industrial and commercial properties can result in very high water bills that, if not found, can stop your business and cost you extra can occur.

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Leak detection is the only non-destructive solution for accurately detecting leaks. Request a free, non-binding leak detection offer. Locate your leaks and save time and money

Where we can detect leakage

We have fixed more than 63,000 leaking problems. And our client have rated us more than 4.2 stars on Facebook, Google and Instagram.

We can detect water leaks internally under:

Concrete flooring
Wooden flooring
Laminate flooring
Amtico or Vinyl flooring
Ceramic or Vinyl tiled floors
Lino flooring
Rugs and Decorative coverings
Carpeted floors
Suspended floors

We can detect water leaks externally under:

Grass or Turfed areas
Soil and Scalping

We work across

We serve commercial establishments of all sizes and types, from hotels to schools. We have the equipment and training necessary to provide the highest quality service anywhere.

Shopping Centres
Business Parks
Restaurants And Catering
Domestic Properties


Frequently asked questions

What is a leak detection service?

A leak detection service is a professional service used to identify and repair leaks in a variety of structures, including water, gas, and sewer lines.

How does leak detection work?

Leak detection typically involves the use of specialized equipment and techniques to locate the source and extent of a leak. The most common techniques used for water and gas leak detection include acoustic testing, infrared cameras, and video cameras.

What are the benefits of leak detection?

Leak detection can help to prevent costly damages and repairs by quickly identifying and addressing the issue. It can also help to conserve energy and water, thereby reducing utility bills.

What types of leaks can be detected?

Leak detection services can detect a variety of leaks, including water, gas, and sewer lines.

How long does a leak detection service take?

The length of time it takes to perform a leak detection service can vary depending on the size and complexity of the structure, as well as the severity of the leak. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.


What our clients are telling about us

We have fixed more than 63,000 leaking problems. And our client have rated us more than 4.2 stars on Facebook, Google and Instagram.

My boiler has lost the pressure and both the boiler company and my plumber weren’t any help. Leak Detection Group came over a couple hours later and found a leak in the pipe and we got it sorted.

Sarah J


My boiler has lost the pressure and both the boiler company and my plumber weren’t any help. Leak Detection Group came over a couple hours later and found a leak in the pipe and we got it sorted.

Sarah J


My boiler has lost the pressure and both the boiler company and my plumber weren’t any help. Leak Detection Group came over a couple hours later and found a leak in the pipe and we got it sorted.

Sarah J


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