Underground Water Leak Detection

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Underground Pipe Leak Detection

Leaks in underground pipes can be a major problem for homeowners and businesses alike. They can cause extensive damage if not addressed quickly and can lead to high repair costs. Leaks can be caused by a variety of factors, including corrosion, tree roots, and soil movement. In many cases, the only way to fix the problem is by seeking professional assistance from a qualified technician.

The first step in diagnosing a leak is to inspect the pipe for any visible signs of damage, such as holes, corrosion, or cracks. If these signs are present, it is important to have the pipe repaired as soon as possible to prevent further water damage. If the pipe is in good condition, the technician may then use a specialized camera to look for any other potential problems. This is known as a CCTV inspection and can be used to detect any blockages or other issues.

Once the source of the leak is identified, the technician can then determine the best solution for the problem. This could involve repairing the section of the pipe, installing a new pipe, or replacing the entire system. It is important to use a professional service to ensure that the job is done correctly and that all necessary repairs are completed.

Leaks in underground pipes can cause damage to the foundation of a home and can be a potential safety hazard. It is important to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage and to minimize costs. A qualified technician can help identify the source of the leak and provide the most effective solution.

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Benefits of leak in underground pipes service

Our engineers are dedicated to you the customer and have all the qualifications, equipment and experience to find leaks quickly and accurately. We use latest non-invasive technology and accurately locate all hidden leaks with minimal damage.

Reduced risk of water contamination from outside sources.
Increased efficiency in water flow.
Improved water pressure for fixtures and appliances.
Reduced energy costs associated with water heating.
Extended life expectancy of the pipes.
Reduced risk of structural damage caused by water buildup.
Improved safety of drinking water.
Minimized risk of flooding and other water-related disasters.

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Frequently asked questions

What causes leaks in underground pipes?

Corrosion, age, and ground movement are common causes of leaks in underground pipes.

How can I detect a leak in my underground pipe?

You can conduct visual inspections of the pipes and the surrounding soil for signs of discoloration, wetness, and sogginess. You can also listen for a hissing sound which could signify a leak in the pipe.

Is it necessary to repair a leak in an underground pipe?

Yes, it is important to repair a leak in an underground pipe as soon as possible to prevent further damage and costly repairs in the future.

What type of service do you provide for repairing leaks in underground pipes?

We provide a comprehensive service for repairing leaks in underground pipes, including leak detection, pipe repair, and replacement.

How long does it take to repair a leak in an underground pipe?

The length of time needed to repair a leak in an underground pipe can vary depending on the severity of the leak and the type of repair needed. Generally, repairs can be completed in a few hours.


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We have fixed more than 63,000 leaking problems. And our client have rated us more than 4.2 stars on Facebook, Google and Instagram.

I recently had the pleasure of using the leak detection service from Leak Detection Group and I must say, I was nothing short of impressed. Their technicians arrived on time and were very knowledgeable about the process. They quickly located the leak and were able to repair it quickly and effectively. I’m very happy with the service I received and would recommend Leak Detection Group to anyone in need of leak detection services.

Sarah J

Hampshire, UK

We had a major problem with our water pipes and called the professionals at Leak Detection Group. They arrived quickly and did a thorough job of locating and repairing the leaks. They took the time to explain what they were doing and why, and they left us with a solid understanding of our system. We are so thankful for their expertise and professionalism, and would highly recommend Leak Detection Group to anyone looking for leak detection services.

Hiren P

Surrey, UK

We recently had a pipe burst in our basement, and we contacted Leak Detection Group right away. They were able to respond quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. They were courteous, professional, and provided us with quality service, as well as some great advice to help us prevent similar problems in the future. We would absolutely recommend Leak Detection Group to anyone in need of quality, reliable leak detection services.

James H

Berkshire, UK

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